Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm back

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I'm back from my French vacation. You can see one of my photos here. My batteries are refreshed, but our itinerary was a little too fast. My parents were exhausted by the final day and Mrs. Expat Teacher came down with a cold that I think was due to our pace. We saw the D-Day beaches and the American cemetary at Normandy. We saw plenty of castles in the Loire valley and had a nice day in Paris.

I'd like to extend my thanks to Molak-Jedi. His post were interesting and clearly sparked a lot of conversation. He even got trackbacked to Dignan's place, something I've wanted since I started this blog. Not that I wasn't out of sight out of mind, I was unfairly slammed in my absence.

We hope you are enjoying the unfolding Page 132 "staff" and we will work on establishing a routine so gurufrisbee, Molak-Jedi and myself are posting on a regular basis. I'd like to extend my thanks to both of those gentlemen for joining me in this endeavor. I'm sure having fun.