Thursday, June 16, 2005

C.S. Lewis' thoughts on mixing religion and politics

As some of you may have noticed in the sidebar, I've added a few audiobooks to my iPod lately. My best investment so far has been C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity". While doing the dishes tonight, Mr. Lewis read to me this part from Chapter 5 of the section on Christian Living.
When they ask for a lead from the church, most people mean they want the clergy to put out a political program. That is silly. The clergy are those particluar people within the whole church who have been specially trained and set aside to look after what concerns us as creatures who are going to live forever and we are asking them to do a quite different job for which they have not been trained. The job is really on us, on the layman. The application of Christian principles say to trade unionism or education must come from Christian trade unionist and Christian schoolmasters just as Christian literature comes from Christian novelists and dramatists, not from the bench of bishops getting together trying to write plays and novels in their spare time.

What say ye, my fine readers?