Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Prayer Blogging

Tomorrow is a significant day for me and my wife. Tomorrow will mark two years to the date from when we lost our child. We were about 11 weeks along when we found out the heart had stopped. It was the hardest and most painful day in either of our lives. We'd wanted to have a child for a long time, but waited several years til we felt it was God's timing for us to try.

In the two years since then we've endured about every medical problem imaginable in our efforts to try to get pregnant again. And while that has gotten better, it's still not better enough that we could even get pregnant yet (without divine intervention).

In the two years in between just about every friend, church member, co-worker, and family member of child bearing ages has been popping kids out left and right. We're happy for them all, but it's pretty sobering to have such poignant reminders coming along every month.

My prayer request isn't for us to be strong tomorrow (though I wouldn't mind - fortunately my wife is blessed in her inability to remember dates, so I'm going to be the only one of us dealing with this tomorrow). It's not even for us to get pregnant again (again, wouldn't mind that either, but we're pretty good about being content to let whatever God's plan for this be our guidance). And it's not even an easy political shot on emotions against abortion or anything like that.

It's for healing. People in this world are hurting and most of them are hurting in silence for things that they will not share. But it is very real hurt. I'm lucky - I have the greatest wife in the world and a loving relationship with God and good friends and a wonderful family - and I'll still hurt tomorrow like I would never wish on anyone. So please pray for all those out there who are hurting, especially those without a support system to help them through their pain. Thanks and God bless.