Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Prayer Blogging

I've taken a walk around the block and taught two classes since my last post and I think I'm ready to pray now. Will you join me?

This Friday I'm praying for:

  1. The G8 summit taking place in Scotland in only 12 days. I am praying that the demonstrations are peaceful and that the G8 leaders will listen to the people and pass plans to erase the debt, increase aid and create fairer and freer trade.
  2. Sudan because I see that the government bombed refugees on the run again.
  3. Karl Rove to do the civilized thing and apologize and for a true spirit of reconcilliation in Washington. That someone, anyone, will stand up and truly be a uniter not a divider.
  4. our very own, Hefe, who is going on vacation starting tomorrow. I'm praying that he and his family have lots of traveling mercies and make plenty of wonderful memories.

Let us pray.