Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Do even greater things than these...

While I am over here whinging and complaining, others in the blogosphere and the web are pushing toward real change. Catez Stevens has put together an incredible blog entry with contributions from many different points of view about the ongoing atrocities in Darfur. You owe it to yourself and the victims of genocide to spend some time reading the different contributions. Once you've done that, take time to take some action. You could do one of many different things: blog about the genocide to raises awareness, pray unrelentingly about the conflict there, contribute financially or become involved politically. That is what Jesus would do.

Also the wonderful people over at MakePovertyHistory note that today is World Debt Day and the insanity with our current policies toward debt and aid. They say,
And today - as on every day - the rich world will demand $100 million from poor countries in debt repayments while poverty is killing 50,000 people every day. What's the point of giving aid with one hand yet taking so much away with the other.

Absolutely ridiculous isn't it? The message is clear: Enough is enough. There needs to be trade justice, debt cancellation, and more and better aid for the world's poorest countries.

Why not head on over to see if you can be involved in the Edinburgh rally on July 2nd? If you can't do that, why not contact your democratically elected official and let them know you expect debt to be cancelled for the poorest nations of the world because it is a better use of your tax dollars! Unsure about that? Go watch this video because it highlights the insanity of giving aid with one hand and demanding repayment with another.