Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More on how Terri Schiavo is useful to Republicans

I have been thinking about what are the long term gains for the Republicans in chasing the Terri Schiavo issue. Some were pointed out in my previous post, but additionally I think Republicans will be able to continue to demonize 1/3 of our government, the judicial branch.

It appears, in all likelyhood, that the courts will continue to rule that Terri's legal guardian and MEDICAL SCIENCE should have the final say on what happens to her. Listen to 2008 Presidential hopeful, Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA):

"You have judicial tyranny here. Congress passed a law that said that you had to look at this case. He simply thumbed his nose at Congress…That's nice for him to say that. But that's not what Congress told him to do. Judges should obey the law. And this judge - in my mind - simply ignored the law."

If we get past the idea that Santorum doesn't really understand the Constitution and more to the point that Santorum is blaming the judge for Schiavo's death. Republicans will whip up the call to remove "activist judges" and want the Democrats to approve the 10 nominations (out of 216) they oppose because the nominees are super-right wing nutjobs. Since the judical branch doesn't have any spinmasters or image consultants there won't be a push back from the onslaught of "activist judges killed Terri Schiavo" barrage that will certainly follow.

Just look at what Jollyblogger says, "I think it is unconscionable what is being done to her by her husband Michael and by the courts of our land."

Will Republicans look at the society that has caused Terri to become anorexic or the lack of adequate mental health care coverage in HMOs to stop this tragedy before it started? No, it will be that activist judges killed Terri Schiavo. Since they did such a horrible thing, then we should put more and more extreme right-wing judges on the courts.

We aren't talking about people that think the government shouldn't regulate business. We are talking judges who think you don't have any right to privacy.

Watch the call to replace "activist judges" who killed Terri Schiavo upon her unfortunate death. This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another.