Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A major tech geek moment

Those of you who don' t know the expatteacher personally, need to understand one thing. I love technology and gadgets. It is only the limit of the budget that keeps the number of gadgets from expanding exponentially. However, since we've decided to stay in London for, at least, another 18 months we decided to get broadband at home. We've gone with HomeChoice because they throw in cable-like television for free and a cool TIVO-like feature called Video on Demand. (side bonus we now get CNN, which still isn't as good as BBC News 24)

I highly recommend HomeChoice as their customer service has been second to none. It is even American-like! I had all kinds of troubles with British Telecom (BT) setting up the line, but working with an excellent gentleman named Richard at HomeChoice, I've got broadband at home. BT is so clueless that when my wife called to ask about the first month's charges, we apparently had our first three months given to us for free. I'm not complaining, but I still have no idea how BT make money.

Thanks to an Apple AirPort Express with Airtunes, I'm surfing wirelessly around the flat and streaming my iTunes library into the speakers in the living room.

In addition to that, I've got a VoIP telephone through Lingo.com which allows me to have a Seattle based number (425-xxx-xxxx) so that my friends and family can call for nothing. For about $20 a month, I get unlimited incoming and outgoing calls. As long as they remember that I'm ahead 8 hours from Seattle, we can talk forever. :-)