Thursday, February 17, 2005

What to make of this...

Sometimes things are too cryptic for me. The church of England newspaper has announced that, "Pro-gay liberals have effectively been ruled out of the running to be the next Archbishop of York, it has emerged."

Now, I was wondering what a pro-gay liberal is and the best I could come up with in this story is "campaigners for the homosexual cause were hoping that the next Archbishop would be someone who could help push their agenda."

There is no discussion of this "agenda" and I can only assume that it revolves around homosexuals in positions of power in the church. This is such a tricky line to walk because clearly we can't have people who are openly sinning in positions of power in the church, but the Gospel gets clouded in politics when headlines such as "No pro-gay primate" gets splashed across front pages. Any suggestions? Should the Church turn the question into one of openly sinning rather than homosexuality and if what are the ramifications of that?