Friday, February 18, 2005

Apparently there is no common ground

Following up on my post about abortion rights advocates wanting pro-life advocates to join them in a bill that encourages prevention of unwanted preganacies, there is a response from Carol Tobias, political director for the National Right to Life Foundation. She dismissed the invitation as an effort "to get the pro-life movement into a debate over birth control," on which her organization takes no position.

Now Noam Scheiber from the New Republic has this to say
Takes no position? That's it? That's your response? As far as I can tell, the only way you could be an anti-abortion activist and not think of birth control as directly relevant to what you do is if you really weren't interested in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Maybe that's the case. But it would be a pretty alarming admission.

So does the National Right to Life Foundation want the discussion to turn to who is having sex? The sinfulness of sex is the root of their argument? What about caring for the helpless, the unborn, etc. If the National Right to Life Foundation really has no position on preventing unwanted pregnancies then I can only think that they are trying to use the defenseless and helpless to push their moralistic crusade. That makes me sick!