Friday, February 11, 2005

Inspired by Harper's Magazine

Inspired by Harper's Magazine monthly index, I have decided to do my own version.

Number of preventable abortions annually in the U.S.: 850,000

Number of children dying of preventable malaria in Africa annually: 1, 800, 000

Cost of new prescription drug benefit program: $720 billion

Drug company Pfizer's profit in fourth quarter of 2004: $2.83 billion

Years since President Roosevelt instituted Social Security: 68

Days since Brit Hume, anchor of FoxNews, delibrately misread a memo by President Roosevelt to imply that Roosevelt really wanted private Social Security accounts: 8

Days since former Secretary of State Powell said Darfur was a "genocide":155

Days since the United Nations declared that the conflict in Darfur was not a "genocide": 12

Total estimated deaths in Darfur since the beginning of the conflict: 200,000

Total US trade deficit in 2004: $617.7 billion

Average US consumer debt in 2003: $7,520

Days since the US declared that Iraq has never had nuclear weapons: 29

Days since North Korea declared they have nuclear weapons:1

Years since Adolf Hitler died: 60

Days since a postcard for Adolf Hitler sent from Britain during the Second World War showed up at the Bundestag in Berlin: 1