Tuesday, July 01, 2008

DC Gun Ban and me

My job has been keeping me from personally blogging. I am not allowed to blog from work and when I get home, I've been very tired. I'll try to keep up the daily blogging pace, but I may be pretty sporadic through November.

Last week, the Supreme Court overruled the clearly unconstitutional DC gun ban against handguns and assembled shotguns. I'm not surprised and I'm not that nervous. The rules in the District will be similar to those in other States. And the gun ban was a joke. DC had a high homicide rate from handguns.

But that isn't to say I'm ready to just arm everyone to the teeth. I think there are legitimate restraints to put on gun ownership. Possibly now that the Supreme Court has ruled that Americans have a right to gun ownership, we can move to a more level headed discussion of gun control. Mark Kleiman hopes that without the extreme, the NRA loses power because it can no longer say that every effort to take your gun is an effort to take ALL guns. I'm in this camp. I think that a majority of folks can see the wisdom in an assault weapons ban now that the wavering center can be assured they'll still have access to guns of some sort.

But Kevin Drum disagrees. He says that the extremes were often used only as the best sound bites and that many folks never bought the "slippery slope" argument. Drum sees no promise of movement toward gun control.

What do you think?