Monday, May 12, 2008

Stuff Christians Like and Stuff White People Like

Mrs. Expat Teacher turned me on to two very funny blogs. Told from a tongue-in-cheek sociological perspective, both of them are just a riot to read.

The first, for all the fair skinned readers of Page 132, is Stuff White People Like. Might I recommend Grammar, Free Healthcare, Study Abroad, and NetFlix. The complete list of Stuff White People Like is a afternoon spent in giggling laughter.

Not to be outdone, the Christian subculture must copy anything successful in the secular world, so check out Stuff Christians Like. Might I recommend First Time Visitor Message, Traveling Mercies, Super Spritiual Christmas Cards or Letters, Christianizing your Facebook profile, a how to guide. and the coup-de-grace the Tankini.

Enjoy and thank Mrs. Expat Teacher in the margins for having such a discerning eye.