Sunday, May 11, 2008

MoLak Update

I've commented before that I'd rather not drive to work. I live on the very southern end of town and my place of employment is on the very northern end of town. Walking or riding a bike isn't probably going to happen. Half of the year I'd freeze to death, while the other half I'd die of dehydration.

A year ago, we found out that a new school would be built three doors down from our home. While I really enjoy my school, it was quite appealing to think that I could literally walk to work in less than five minutes.

What was even better was to find out that my principal at the time said he would end up being the principal at the new school and that he'd take me along with him. Unfortunately, my principal unexpectedly passed away in the fall leaving behind a wife, two college aged daughters, and a son in high school. Luckily for me, my interim principal said her husband would probably be the new principal at the new school and that she'd be more than willing to recommend me for any job at that school.

Well, I found out who was hired to run this new school. It's none of the people I thought might be hired. I don't really know this person. I really like the person we've hired to run things next year and I'm quite excited about my current position, which is unique to my school. I'm not sure if I should throw my hat in the ring for the new school or not...

On a different topic... About two months ago we found out that we are expecting our third child in November. My wife has been staying home with the kids this year and of course will continue doing that next year. She's also studying to become a teacher.

I began looking for summer work about two months ago. I missed out on summer school with the school district. I did take a job that will, when it's all done and over with, will not net $1,000. I was very grateful for the opportunity to earn some greatly needed cash this summer. There is a chance that I'll be doing some work for the state off and on this summer.

I've been doing some tutoring before school through something called the 21st Century Grant. It pays well and It's been great to have that extra income. I was told by the director last week that I have the chance to earn upwards of $4,000 over five weeks. The time is flexible. I get to pick the team I work with. We'll be planning for next year. This totally lends itself to some interests I have in administration.

Here's the catch. I don't think I can do both jobs at the same time. I've committed to teaching reading. I don't feel that I can back out of this. However, the chance to do earn that much money for gaining experience that I think will lend itself nicely to some career goals would be very nice. What do you think?