Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good news for Bill Richardson as VP

The NYTimes has a good article about the strategies for McCain and Obama for the fall election. The Obama strategists make no mention of winning over women (I agree...little chance women will jump to the anti-choice McCain), but instead will be focusing on Latinos.
Beyond that, aides to the two men said Latino voters would be central to victory in a swath of Western states now viewed as prime battlefields, including Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico....

Hispanic voters could find themselves drawing more attention from presidential candidates than ever before. Their votes could prove critical in determining whether Democrats capture states like Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico and whether Republicans have any chance of being competitive in California.

Mr. McCain’s identification with legislation that would have permitted some illegal immigrants to attain citizenship, a position he moved away from in the primaries but never renounced, gives him an opportunity to compete for those voters, who except for Cubans in Florida appear to have largely settled into the Democratic camp in recent years.

Mr. Obama also supported measures that would have allowed immigrants to attain citizenship but struggled to win over Hispanic voters in his primary fight, signaling a potential problem for him in the fall campaign. Mr. Obama’s aides said the endorsement by Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, one of the nation’s most prominent Hispanic leaders, could prove more critical in the general election than in the primary.
Which vice-presidential nominee would put New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada firmly in the Democratic column? Bill Richardson! I look forward to June 15thish when HRC finally pulls out of the race.

That will give Obama time to run a victory lap around the US as the giant-slayer and at the end of that lap (but sometime close to July 4th when people gather with friends and family and will discuss the upcoming Presidential election) Obama should pick Richardson as his vice-presidential nominee.

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