Thursday, April 03, 2008

The beauty of the Judas remark

Back when Governor Richardson endorsed Senator Obama, James Carville made one of the most outrageous statements of the campaign season. He declared that Governor Richardson was effectively a Judas for betraying the Clintons because Governor Richardson is only where he is because of former President Clinton. His assertion is blatantly false, but it is beautiful.


Because what should have been a big announcement focused on Barack Obama, was immediately turned to a spot for Hillary Clinton. It demeans the endorsement and keeps the media focused on Hillary. Hillary must head off super delegate rush toward Obama and hitting supers that move to Obama will make others think twice.

Plus this story is now a story that keeps on giving for the Clintons.

First, President Clinton claimed that Richardson told him on several occasions he would never endorse Obama.

Then, a Hillary spokesperson said that Richardson told the campaign that Obama wasn't ready to be President.

Governor Richardson denies ever telling the Clinton that Obama wasn't ready or that the would never endorse him. I think any neutral observer could tell you that when Richardson didn't endorse by Super Tuesday, he was leaning toward Obama.

But back to the point. Carville and President Clinton's comments added two more days to this story and kept the Clintons in the news. Although I think the Clinton camp is probably lying and most certainly playing bare-knuckle politics, I do respect the overall effect on the endorsement.

Now if Obama can just continue his upward momentum, maybe we can dispense with all this in-fighting and we can focus on winning the White House.