Friday, March 28, 2008

Blatant partisanship in the press - a guest blog by proxy

From Page 132 reader SJ

I wish I could post on your blog or had one of my own. I would paste a link to this article and write about the partisanship of the press. Blatant hatred for President Bush. He and his administration are working hard to fix our broken food aid system and the Las Vegas Sun reports that they are who the ones blocking these changes from happening. After someone must have pointed out their stupidity they put the note at the top of the published editorial online. Horrible reporting. Not just a little detail, but looking at an issue through a lens that can’t see anything but what they want to see – failure.

Bad reporting is never acceptable, whether it is the New York Times, Fox News or the Las Vegas Sun. LasVegasTan can you shed any light on the Sun's quality or political leanings?