Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The framing of John McCain...

Now that John McCain has become the presumptive nominee, I think it is important to look at how the Democrats plan on framing him.

The key frame will be a return to the well and revisit President Clinton "Change vs. more of the same". Clinton or Obama will bring "change" and McCain will be the "same."

Here are some examples.

Status Quo in Iraq

While the surge may have been successful, he doesn't have a plan to go forward in Iraq. Democrats will hit that McCain's Iraq Plan is just more of what we have now: millions of dollars wasted and hundreds of soldiers killed for a very tenuous peace.


McCain will get nailed on being too close to lobbyists. This, obviously, will work better for Obama than Hillary, but both will nail McCain for being owned by lobbyists. The use of the Straight Talk Express as a platform for lobbyists to do their daily work (more here) won't do McCain any good.


Although, this hasn't been highly reported, McCain's has a history of wrong sweeping denials. Even in his non-story affair story, he made several denials that were blatantly false. It will speak to his fitness for the office and will be very similar to the corruption-stained Republican Party.

Bush-McCain linkage

Any time McCain's record is mentioned, he'll be attached to President Bush. Check out these exmaples about the "Bush-McCain recession" and the "Bush-McCain War"