Thursday, January 03, 2008

Keene, NH - Day 1

My first day in New Hampshire was pretty low-key. It took me over 1/2 a day to get the 50 miles from Manchester to Keene via the "volunteer pony express". Once I got here, it was a quick overview of the planned event for Sunday that I'm working on.

Then it was all phone calls all night. First, to New Hampshire voters gaging interest in Richardson (most are positive, but uncommitted). Then, later in the evening, we got phone lists for Iowa voters. I made 100 calls. 76 weren't interested in talking or weren't available. Of the other 24, 8 were wrong/incorrect phone numbers. That left 16 folks who would talk about candidates. I had 4 undecideds who all said they wouldn't make up their minds until they got to their caucus. They were open to Richardson, but also open to others. A 3 were for Obama and for Edwards. On my list, I had 2 solid Richardson supporters and 1 solid Clinton. The rest didn't want to tell me what they supported.

If you want to know what life on the campaign trail is like, check out my buddy's 30 days in Iowa blog. Quite enlightening...