Monday, July 30, 2007

Is the GOP scared of a snowman?

Apparently YouTube and CNN scare the GOP Presidential candidates because Giuliani won't show and Romney may not either. In fact, only McCain and Ron Paul have signed on.

As someone who watched about 2000 of the 3000 videos for the Democratic debate, I'm disgusted that the candidates won't take questions from their constituents. None of the questions during the Democratic debate were crazy and the overall response to the format, real questions from real people, was that it was a winner.

I always hated that President Bush ensured friendly, sympathetic audiences at his town hall-style forums and rallies by screening out members of the public, but for the Republican candidates to continue to insulate themselves is neither good for their party or good for democracy.

Why are they afraid of the people they will represent? Or even more importantly, if the GOP is afraid of a snowman, how can they face up to the terrorists?

Update: According to a conservative website, Save the Debate, both Mike Huckabee and Tommy Thompson have agreed to join the debate.