Friday, August 24, 2007

And the vacation continues....

Mrs. Expat Teacher and I were all set to return to DC on a red-eye flight tonight when I received a phone call this morning from AirTran announcing that my flight had been canceled due to weather. But no worries, they'd rebooked us on a flight for Wednesday morning.

What?!?!? The weather? A quick check at and I don't see any problems near DC or anywhere in the Northeast. And rescheduled 5 days later? What good does that do anyone?

So I went online and tried to find something for today, but the starting price was "arm" and if Mrs. Expat Teacher was to join me, I had to cough up a "leg", too.

So we are flying out Saturday night at the cost of an extra $300. Rather than a 4 1/2 hour non-stop, we'll be taking United's indirect route via San Fran and spending an additional 4 hours traveling. Yeah.