Monday, July 02, 2007

Starting in the outfield...

In a sick and twisted way it seems sadly fitting that Barry (The Steriod Cheater) Bonds will be in the starting outfield for this year's MLB All-Star game. After all, the All-Star game is the big moment in which MLB clears it's collective throat to get the attention of the entire sporting world and says "Here we are. This is what we are all about. This is the best of our product. Please love us." And the current leadership of MLB is so pathetic and the league is so mismanaged that there, right in the middle of center stage, is Bonds - the epitome of all that is unethical, illegal, out-of-control, arrogant, unapologetic, self-absorbed, and just plain wrong with baseball. I'm 55 years old and wondering if this sport (in it's post-Selig, post-Steinbrenner, post-Bonds era) will fully recover and be what it can be - within my lifetime. It's so terribly sad at present.