Sunday, July 01, 2007


Hey, Expat's earlier post made me think that I should share a couple of resources that I've found both interesting and insightful in the realm of apologetics.

The first is Peter Kreeft, whom I've talked about in several other posts. Kreeft is a philosophy professor at Boston College and has written many great books. You can find several talks on various topics at either his site or on iTunes. He's one of the top three apologists and philosophers in the world today, I'd say.

The other person that I've really enjoyed listening to over the last two months is much more accessible than Kreeft, but no less relevant or thought provoking or on target. His name is Ravi Zacharias. You can also find his talks on either his organization's site or subscribe to it on iTunes (by the way, the five part series he does with William Lane Craig is top notch! Craig is possibly the foremost apologist in the world today!)

By the way, I'm sure there must be something in the Geneva Convention about saying one would share how certain events went on Wednesday and then not doing it...? I'm waiting with baited breath! (Can you tell I don't have TV?)