Thursday, April 26, 2007

Which Teddy is missing?

DC Nemesis and his wife are having a son and they want to decorate their nursery with Teddy bears dressed in profesional uniforms. They want to have a Firefighter Teddy, a Police Teddy, a CPA Teddy, etc... Yet no one seems to make fabric or wallpaper with this Teddy print. Anyone got any ideas for them?

At small group we weren't so helpful. Instead, we were trying to figure out what other Teddys would have been considered for the print, but ultimately rejected. We came up with:
  • Hazmat Teddy dressed in contaimination suit
  • Security guard Teddy dressed in his fake police officer's uniform reading a newspaper
  • Call-Girl Teddy. That's Teddy dressed in a teddy
  • Crack Dealer Teddy with his bags of rock and a Glock

Which Teddys have we missed? Add them in the margins.