Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bellingham is the new gateway to two international cities

A new ultra-low-cost airline, Skybus Airlines, is running incredibly low airfares from it's hub in Columbus, Ohio. The one that caught my eye was the $10 to "Seattle/Vancouver" tickets.

Now being from the Northwest, I knew that Seattle and Vancouver were too far apart to be serviced by one airport. However, I was wrong. Apparently my old stomping grounds of Bellingham, Washington is the new gateway for Seattle and Vancouver.

I've always thought Bellingham should attract more business because Sea-Tac is definitely tough to get to from the northern Seattle suburbs, but to call Bellingham "Seattle/Vancouver" is similar to when Ryanair called their airport at Hahn, Germany "Hahn/Frankfurt" even though Frankfurt was 75 miles and 90 minutes by bus away. German courts finally forced Ryanair to remove the "Frankfurt" portion of the name for all domestic advertisements.

Anyway, if you are in Bellingham and want to get to Columbus, tickets can be had for as little as $20 roundtrip (plus taxes). Enjoy.