Saturday, April 21, 2007

A step forward for democracy in America

Very exciting news from Congress on Thursday. The 500,000 tax paying American citizens of the District of Columbia got one step closer to enfranchisement. The 241 to 177 vote was basically a party-line vote. 22 Republicans voted in favor of it and 6 Democrats voted against it. Representatives Boren, Boyda (KS), Carney, Kanjorski, Taylor, and Holden are apparently all against freedom and democracy, even though that is what their party stands for.

The bill faces a tough test in the Senate where it has enough votes to pass, but not enough to beat a filibuster. Even if it does pass, President Bush has declared he'll veto it because he doesn't believe DC residents should have direct representation in Congress.

Even with that news, I'm still celebrating the victory. DC's hope for Senate passage rests with Joe Lieberman who has "vowed to bring the legislation to the Senate "as quickly as possible." Aides said he would seek a vote on the bill by the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, which he chairs, in the next few months."