Tuesday, April 24, 2007

18-0 crushing. I now understand Bobby Knight.

There is a story about Bobby Knight that goes something like this...

Indiana was playing so poorly during the first half the game, that Bobby Knigh excused himself from the bench with 12 seconds to go. He went to the locker room. When the players got in for halftime, they sat on their seats and listened to the toilet flush. Bobby came out with a used piece of toilet paper and screamed, "You played like this!"

Bobby Knight is a dispicable man, but I can sure understand his sentiment.

We got crushed today. I mean, we didn't even really show up for the game. The team we were playing lost 23-0 to the team we barely lost to last week, so I figured we'd be close.

When I saw during infield that the shortstop was unable to make the throws to first, I was smiling. When I saw the catcher was unable to throw to 2nd, I was licking my chops.

In the top of the 1st, the pitcher was wild and we loaded the bases with 1 out. The next two batters struck out.

In the bottom the first, the lead off hitter hit a grounder to second. She fluffs the ball and the runner is safe. The second batter strikes out. It is all downhill from there. The next batter hits the ball to second again, who again fluffs the ball. 1st and 2nd two out. The next batter drives the ball between SS and 3B. Bases loaded. My pitcher, who should have been out of the inning, is flustered and walks in two batters. We finally get the 3rd out after allowing 6 runs.

The top of the 2nd was an exact replica of the 1st.

Our opponents went 1-2-3, in the bottom of the 2nd. And so did we in the top of the 3rd (and 4th).

They didn't. In the 3rd, they scored 8 runs off of our mental errors: Cut-off girl throws ball to empty 1B, SS forgets to cover on a steal so ball from catchers flies into center field. Pitcher walks several. Left fielder runs in on a ball clearly hit over her head.

They scored 4 more in the bottom of the 4th off of walks. My pitcher was out of gas. Her defense failed her. She had to throw too many pitchs. I put in my 3rd string pitcher since my 2nd string pitcher (and regular 2nd baseman) is in Florida with the 10th grade trip.

She got 2 outs quickly because she throws like old-man-beer-softball and the girls can't lay off bad pitches.

In the top of the 5th, we staged a rally having 2nd and 3rd occupied with 1 out. The next two batters, my 4th and 5th hitters, struck out.

End of game on mercy rule.

I've never been so disappointed and upset with a team in my adult life.

We've got a game today, but I've only got 11 players. My entire outfield has a combined 3 innings of experience. It could get ugly. Stay tuned for the blow by blow.