Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Did God break my iPod?

It is official. That magnifying glass icon on the screen and endless 'ticking' sound from inside my iPod means my iPod is dead. The hard drive is no longer functioning like it should. My iPod is 2 years old and has taken a beating. I've scratched it all up. I've dropped it dozens of times, not to mention the times it was in my coat pocket when I drop it after a long day at work.

So I've got a few options. I can pay for a new hard drive. That's about $100. I could buy a refurbished iPod. $200-$400 depending on the model. Or I could buy a new one. $250-$400 depending on the model.

I know I want another one, but I don't know what I am going to do. That's because I think God may have broken my iPod.

Now, obviously me dropping my iPod last week on the hard cement of 3rd St NE was the cause of death, but could my iPod have met with its end because it was getting between God and me?

You see, I'd stopped reading my Bible because I was downloading a daily "Pray as you Go" podcast out of the UK. They produce excellent 10 minute contemplative meditations to pray through and to think about God. I figured that was all the Jesus I needed. My Bible started getting a thin layer of dust. My spiritual life began to center around me and my thoughts about God, rather than God's thoughts about himself.

That is clearly a recipe for disaster.

So should I be praising God for breaking my iPod because now I'm reading my Bible each day on the train to work? Jesus has been speaking to me and I've certainly been challenged by the Word of God, but it is rather expensive lesson to be taught.

So what do you think? Did God break my iPod?

Update: After sharing the above incident with my small group, I do think that God did break my iPod. The blessings of a real relationship with Jesus far outweigh a 2-year-old piece of consumer electronics.

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