Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Article Round-Up

I refereed two games this morning and then went to a friends' house for the afternoon. I've had a busy day and this is the best I could do. I hope you like it. Like always, this Sunday Article Round-Up is sponsored by ewb in SD.

We got another Ohio Republican admits taking bribes, Bush Pitching Incentive Pay For Teachers and a Report targets anti-tax activist, Grover Norquist, a long time Republican friend, because he may have violated tax laws by funneling money to other organizations in a way that concealed the identity of contributors.

Bush signs port-security, Internet gaming bill. So we can outlaw gambling online, but heaven forbid we authorize a .xxx domain name.

In the most interesting turn of events, long time Bush supporter David Kuo wrote a Book: White House exploits evangelicals, but Conservatives Rally Against Bush Aide-Turned-Critic. Wow! Imagine that. The self-appointed spokespersons for Christians don't rally behind the guy with clear integrity, but instead pick up their marching orders from the White House. Maybe Dobson et al will just follow President Bush into obscurity.

Oh and avoid the rats as they jump ship because the GOP Redirects Funds From Faltering Races.

Domestic and International News
An excellent story. An Economist, bank win Nobel Peace Prize for helping women get out of poverty by offering small micro-finance loans.

South Korean, Ban named next U.N. secretary-general. Just in time to show down the North Koreans and their weapons.

In the US, Federal deficit now lowest in 4 years even though Oil imports push trade deficit higher.

Over in the UK, a British general's remarks spur Iraq debate.

This morning there was a Big earthquake in Hawaii.

As an alternative to the current communist government of China, the New Left calls for a social alternative

This November, the most restrictive abortion ban will go before the voters and the Push for South Dakota abortion ban takes a feminist approach

In the UK, a teacher was suspended for not removing her total veil while teaching. You'd think this would cause an uproar, but not so much. Suspended teacher should have removed veil, say Muslim leaders. In related news, Tunisia moves against headscarves because they create sectarian violence apparently.

Only the free market hating Guardian would write Minimum wage fails to close pay gap even though the result is that "Poor see their earnings rise by more than prices".

Air America Radio files for bankruptcy but plans to stay on the air.

Gallaudet classes set to resume Monday after 113 students arrested for their week-long sit-in.

The US will have its 300 millionth person next week and Married couples have finally slipped into a minority in America.

The Christian Science Monitor has a look at Afghanistan 5 years on.

And the DLC's idea of for national security, A Pacific Security System to deal with North Korea.

Although unglamorous, nothing is more important than your left tackle in the NFL.

Detroit is headed to the World Series and the St. Louis Cardinals are defying expectations by taking a 2-1 lead in the NLCS.

Democracy? Must we? Oh all right, but we'd really rather stay serfs say the last contingent of feudal Europe.

Message in bottle travels around world in 47 days, but scientists doubt it could average 18 mph.

So what did I miss? What's the biggest story? What made you laugh, sigh or cry? Let me know in the comments.