Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nice weekend

This past weekend I took Mrs. gurufrisbee and the Little Princess gurufrisbee and we went to a wedding of some friends of ours in Blaine, WA and then since we were so close, we decided to take Monday off and head over the border and spend a day in Vancouver, B.C. where none of the three of us had ever gone before. After a lovely time there, I've decided to share my ten most significant reflections from this experience:

10) Vancouver Aquarium is fabulous and even those as young as 5 months get a kick out of seeing sharks and turtles swim just inches away from them.

9) There is no point in having wider roads than most cities in America do when everyone parks in the right lanes and renders them useless

8) Just because you hang signs and color your lights, that does not make Chinatown very interesting or fun

7) Cobbled streets are still really cool

6) It's really not that hard to cross the border - even back in to the U.S. - if you bring your I.D. and birth certificates. It is hard to wait through the line if you have a tiny bladder. (On a totally unrelated note, don't walk too close to the muddy spots by the Peace Arch)

5) Canadian TV is crazy - their one channel features shows from ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox! I was able to watch Studio 60 a day earlier than anyone in America AND saw a much cooler preview for next week's show than the American version, too.

4) White Spot is a better sit down restaurant for the price and quality of food and atmosphere than ANYTHING in the states. That place alone is worth a return trip.

3) While it's easy to get lost in such a huge city, it's exceptionally painful to do so and then to drive IN TO the crowd of cars that are leaving a double overtime Canucks hockey game.

2) Canadians are just as nice as the stereotypes suggest (but they don't say "eh" as much as you might have been lead to believe)

1) For 24 hours I was in a nation where George W. Bush wasn't the leader and I felt safer and more at ease with that reality than I had ever expected to. I'm more excited for 2008 than ever now!

Thanks for letting me share!