Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fun with CameraPhones - DC edition

I was out refereeing my first soccer game today and walked over to the Jefferson Memorial. It is quite a sight, even on an overcast day. It reminded me I have some photos from around town.

Below are some pics from the sights around DC. Enjoy

Abe_Lincoln_Memorial.JPG Lincoln_Memorial.JPG

The Lincoln Memorial at night is a truly breath-taking sight.


This is near my house. Some letters are burnt out and I thought the resulting phrase was rather funny.


The World War 2 Memorial. Arguably the most impressive memorial on the Mall. It is beautiful and expansive.

Watergate Hotel

The Watergate Hotel is now a bunch of luxury condos, but this is the scene of the crime.

King Shag

Inside Trader Joe's I found this. British-English speakers go ahead and giggle.

Huber Wine

Also inside Trader Joe's. This is for one specific reader.

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