Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Keith Olbermann's remarks about 9-11

I just listened to Keith Olbermann's emphatic and emotional remarks about 9-11.

A powerful excerpt:
"Five years later, Mr. Bush, we are still fighting the terrorists on these streets. And look carefully, sir, on these 16 empty acres. The terrorists are clearly, still winning.

And, in a crime against every victim here and every patriotic sentiment you mouthed but did not enact, you have done nothing about it.

And there is something worse still than this vast gaping hole in this city, and in the fabric of our nation. There is its symbolism of the promise unfulfilled, the urgent oath, reduced to lazy execution."

Olbermann's comments are worth a slow read, but it would be better to launch the player and listen to the emotion in his voice drive home how raw he feels, how open his wounds are and how angry he is at President Bush and his administration.

Normally I would call for restraint, but I can't find a single fault in his logic, reasoning, or recollection of the past.

That's a story right there. Why is a center-left guy who values discussion and debate so angry with the sitting president? How did it get that way?

What does it take to make a large section of normally level-headed citizens despise the President?

What will cure these hurts and heal these wounds?

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