Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fun with CameraPhones - Funny signs edition

Over the past three weeks or so, I've collected a few photos on my phone of funny signs. One is from my trip to Portugal, some of these are from my trip to Prague and Vienna and some are from around London.

Americans get nailed for not knowing geography, but the Portuguese messed this one up. This is a McDonald's ad that has "Road to America" as the title. The first sandwich? The "Canada and Cheese". Any Canucks got anything to say about that?

This was at a Pizza Hut in London. It says "Ali Abdullah is licensed to sell beer, wine and spirits" It just struck me as anecdotal evidence that we may not be having such a clear Clash of Civilizations as some would like it to appear.

So there you go.

You've been warned.

In the underground passageway to the Vienna Metro at the Opera stop. For one Euro, you can answer the call of nature to the tunes of Beethoven, Handel and Strauss.

This was a stairway near a Vienna museum. It was an open stairwell with the obvious sign to not go down them. Any thoughts why?

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