Friday, May 05, 2006

Very Good News

Within the context of what we already knew, this afternoon's meeting with the oncologist was VERY GOOD NEWS and an answer of hundreds of prayers! We already knew from the CAT scan and the biopsy that Susan has adenocarcinoma of the lung and that it was likely impacting some lymph nodes. What we now know is that this is the ONLY cancer of which they are aware after all the testing of this past week. Thank you Lord!

Susan has an appointment this Monday morning for her surgeon to implant a "port" which will then be used, beginning this coming Thursday, for her schedule of intravenous chemotherapy treatment. She will get the chemo once every three weeks in four cycles covering 12 weeks total. The intent is to shrink the existing cancerous areas and improve the likelihood that the surgery in August will have a better chance of removing ALL of the cancer.

For those of you who are not very familiar with chemotherapy, it is very intense and she will probably experience a lot of nausea, hair loss, and significant fatigue over the next three months - and then face major lung surgery. An enormous challenge to say theleast! So, there is a lot of work ahead and we surely covet your continued prayers. But, in light of what today could have revealed... we are profundly grateful!