Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A progressive policy toward Iran and Iraq

Just and open question really. Does anyone know of any good blogs, writers or articles that are articulating a progressive strategy on Iraq or Iran?

All I've seen is the self-defeating immediate withdrawal strategy. If we pull out now, Iraq will certainly descend into full scale chaos and civil war with outside nations taking a more overt role. We'll have to reinvade to make sure the place doesn't turn into a Taliban-esque country providing safe harbor to terrorists planning to attack the American homeland.

On Iran, all I've read is "Do what Bush is doing." Hardly progressive and not a vote getter.

Democrats will almost certainly win back the House or the Senate, but only if we can articulate a progressive foreign policy strategy. Just saying the other guy is incompetent and we'd do better won't be enough. It wasn't in 2002 or 2004. Democrats must articulate a progressive, hawkish policy or we will be doomed to another 2 years of complete Republican mismanagement and incompetence.