Friday, March 17, 2006

Is Christianity Family Friendly?

In Moses Lake, Thursday night is letters to the editor night. The topics range from thanking various civic organizations for their wonderful contribution to a community event to the alcohol-ban at the sand-dunes and how much "that sucks." Mostly the letters are uninspiring and pretty much what you'd expect from a city of our size and location and demographics.

Tonight, however, there was a letter that captured my attention. I've formulated my response and am trying to figure out how to deliver it. The gist of the letter was that Christianity, despite its conformants' claims, is anti-family. The ring leader in this biological family bash is Jesus. The person who wrote the letter sites the following passages to support his claim. Matthew 4:21-2, 10:21, 12:48-50, Mark 1:20, 3:34-35, Luke 9:60 and 12:53. I'm sorry, I don't have the time or the speed to link these passages. Hopefully you have the means to check into these passages. He also says that the Old Testament is off limits because that's Jewish beliefs.

So, what do you say?