Thursday, February 02, 2006

What would it take to for you to trade your house?

Wiley Canadian, Kyle MacDonald has set up a very interesting experiment in group psychology and economic theory. He started with One Red Paperclip and is hoping to trade up for other items until he gets a house. He has leveraged his paperclip into an "instant-party" complete with beer keg and neon Budweiser sign, a skidoo, and most recently a Cintas "cube van".

The idea is interesting because with lower value items who wouldn't trade something small to help a guy out on his quest. However, now that he has a van worth several thousand dollars, the next person is going to have to really want that van and give up something of real worth. It begs the question what would it take for you to trade your house? Would anyone really trade away their house?

I've add One Red Paperclip to my NetNewsWire to keep track of Mr. MacDonald's progress. He will be in Yahk, BC (only 300 miles from Walla Walla, WA) today for a LIVE broadcast of The Hour on CBC Newsworld. There's going to be a FREE pancake breakfast and a FREE Chili cookout. And carpet bowling.

Strange Canadian.