Wednesday, January 25, 2006

If Alito overturns Roe v. Wade - is that a bad thing?

In his confirmation hearings Alito seemed to say all the right things about abortion to make both sides find him nearly unobjectionable. Still it's hard to imagine him being nominated by W if there is not a strong confidence that given the opportunity he would actually overturn Roe v. Wade and outlaw abortions. My thought is - WONDERFUL!!

One, I'm against abortion and all other situations where human beings attempt to take God's role in deciding that life should be ended. It is one of the few, but also the clearest topics in which I generally am very much on the Republican side of the issue.

Two, I think it still helps the Democrats.

Isn't abortion still a personal choice for all of us whether we do it legally or illegally? Of course it is. Making them illegal won't eliminate them from happening. Those of us who truly believe in the Christian ideals behind being pro-life still have a duty to be out there working to convince those who would have abortions why they still shouldn't. Making them illegal probably lessens the numbers of them, but it sure doesn't eliminate them.


Doesn't the Republican party actually lose a lot of it's momentum and strength on this issue if it has the law it wants and doesn't get the results they want? Abortion is a hot button topic that gets the Religous Right voter motivated every election season - even when they know nothing else about what is going on. Where does the GOP turn to for a rallying cry when they lose this one? It will hurt them politically, because it's not a true political issue and those don't get results for anything other than drumming up support for them when they are not getting their way.