Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pet peeve about concerts

Thanks to the wonders of satellite television, I've been able to meld my two worlds together nearly seemlessly. Tonight I watched the BBC news and CMT. [grand sigh of contentment]

On CMT, they had a Brooks and Dunn concert. It was an hour of them singing their favorites and greatest hits. An hour well spent, I figure. Yet, they did what all performers have to do at concerts and it drives me crazy.

After singing all the verses to "My Maria" and getting to the repeating chorus part, Brooks (or Dunn, I really don't know the difference) told the audience to sing and held the microphone out over the front row.

Uh NO!

If I wanted to hear me sing My Maria, I'd have saved the $50 and sat in my car with the CD on. I paid to hear you, the performer, sing. So do your job and entertain me. Don't ask me to sing unless you are giving me a share of the gig's earnings.

Why do all performers feel the need to ask the audience to sing? Does this drive anyone else as crazy as it does me?