Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Prayer Blogging - Wedding edition

Today Expat Teacher's younger brother and baby of the family, Herman, is marrying a wonderful woman, NotSmurf. It will be a wonderful celebration of the love these two "kids" have for each other. I'm so happy for them. Last night at the rehearsal dinner I was overcome with emotion because my little brother transformed from a punk kid into a full grown man seemingly overnight. Like all weddings and marriages these two will need all the support they can get. Will you join me in starting them off right?

Let us pray

Dear Father in heaven, you know the power of love. It will cause a man to leave his father and mother and join another. It will motive one another to sacrifice. It will motivate one another in moments of great courage and trepidation. May your love cover the marriage of Herman and NotSmurf. Holy Spirit remind them daily that they need you in order to make their marriage work. Daily show them the power of humility, forgiveness, and fidelity.

Jesus may you shine down upon this wedding today. May the nerves and worries disappear into celebration of love. Give the priest the right words to say. Help the guests to offer the right support and encouragement. Comfort the parents of Herman and NotSmurf as they "lose" their baby. Please ensure that today is a day that glorifies you and will be a source of many happy memories for years to come.


As always, any additional prayer and praise can be added in the comments