Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A day of "yeahs!"

Usually I blog about the things that make me grumpy or upset. Yet today I was scanning the headlines, I'm pleased with several events...

Britain allows homosexuals to enter into civil unions. This should be the model America follows.

Sen. Clinton's GOP challenger quits race. While I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton for president, this means any money Hillary raises can be farmed out to good challengers and vulnerable incumbents.

Senate blocks Alaska oil drilling. While I'm not totally against oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, to drill without a comprehensive energy plan reducing our dependence on oil is unwise.

Iran agrees to more nuclear talks. I don't have a lot of faith in Iran giving up its nuclear (weapons) program, but I'd rather have them talking than being defiant.

Ok, it is technically yesterday's news, but I saw it in the paper this morning. In possibly the biggest "yeah" moment of the day, 'Intelligent design' teaching banned.

Finally, in what will show just how corrupt this Republican Congress is, Abramoff considers plea deal.

What other stories are making you smile?