Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm leaving on a jet plane and I'll be home for Christmas

Mr. and Mrs. Expat Teacher are leaving for America at 10:05 GMT today. They will be there until Jan 4. They will be visiting family and friends in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. The day planner is chock-a-block with committments and visits. Therefore blogging from Expat Teacher will be sporatic for the next month. Expat is leaning heavily on gurufrisbee and MoLak-Jedi to keep Page 132 up and running with new and interesting blog posts.BA747.jpg

But this blog is a group effort! If you don't usually comment, consider dropping a line to keep the Page 132 community involved and interested. If you are a usual commenter, why not bring new and interesting items to the table? Who knows? If you prove yourself, maybe we'll extend you a week of guest blogging like we've done with Hefe Week 2006 and The Old Man February posts. :-)

Til I blog again...