Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What was the point?

I came across this story about the redistricting that occurred in Texas. I understand that the Republicans pushed for this and everyone with half a brain could see it would result in more congressional seats for Republicans and everyone is up in arms over this. And since we here at Page 132 are not generally known for being overly supportive of Republicans in general, this probably seems like a topic right up our alley.

But one part of the article really caught my attention:

"University of Texas Law Professor Scot Powe said redistricting has always been a partisan battle, recalling Democrats’ effort in 1991, but what made the 2003 redistricting debate different was its timing. States usually redraw districts right after the start of a new decade once the Census Bureau releases its latest numbers. "

Wouldn't this answer the whole debate? Answering the question about why the Texas Republicans waited until 2003 to do this, would seem to shed light on whether they have a good and reasonable justification for this or if it was just a cheap political move. I'm willing to keep an open mind on this until I hear the answer to that. Or is it just not that simple?