Saturday, December 10, 2005

Great News

We had just returned from the grocery store last night and were preparing to sit down to a movie (Herbie Fully Loaded) and dinner when our twenty month old turns to me and says, "Da-da, poo-poo, pahty. Poo-poo, pahty." The message was quite clear - "Dad, I've got to go poop, so get me to the toilet RIGHT NOW!" After scooping her up and running down the hall, I managed to get her overalls off, unbuttoned her onesie, literally ripped her diaper off - dangerous move, I know - and plopped her onto her training seat where she proceeded to sit. And sit. And sit.
Finally, a familiar odor climbed its way to my nose. She had done it! There, beneath her bare little butt, sat a large-green poopie in the plastic trainer bowl!

When the deed was done, she stood, turned around to admire her work only to be surprised by the hideous appearance of poop. The Phantom Poopie had struck and filled our little girl's heart with terror. Mrs. Jedi wrangled the bowl out of the seat, tossed the poo into the toilet, and flushed while our little girl watched on saying, "Bye-bye, poopie. Bye-bye, poopie."

It's been a huge twenty four hours in the Jedi household. Since then, we've had one false alarm and one more successful deposit. We are nearing the end of the diaper tyranny. Restored, balance will be, to the home once again.