Monday, September 05, 2005

Monday's Meditation

While mowing the lawn Friday evening, I was meditating on the holiness of God, and felt called to greater depths of holiness in my own life. So, for this week's meditation I'd like to encourage you to immerse yourself in Isaiah 6:1-4.

One's imagination can be a great tool in immersing oneself in a passage, verse, or even a word while practicing the discipline of meditation. While meditating on this week's passage, try putting yourself in Isaiah's shoes. Maybe use images you have of the inside of a cathedral as you walk into the temple with this prophet. I'll leave the rest up to you.

Remember, the goal is to "savor" a passage, verse, or word and to think deeply and meaningfully. And don't be surprised if you're led to worship. The two disciplines oftentimes go hand in hand. You can always come back to your meditation later.