Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Worth Replying To

Oops... I left town and forgot to tell anyone...As I was checking back over some of to my earlier posts, a comment from Expat caught my attention and warents a response.

"Sin management is EXACTLY what both the Left and Right promise via the political process. Yet, I'm left a fallen world isn't that the best we could hope for?"

I suppose it depends on the perspective you're coming from, but "the best we can hope for?" Is the abundant life Jesus promises us really all about waiting to die so we can go to heaven if we're "good enough?" Is the abundant life really all about an endless battle of imposing laws, regulations, and ordinances for the purpose of justice?

Undoubtedly holiness and justice are part of what Jesus wants for us, but they are not - on their own or together - the life Jesus offers us. I think there is more...I'm hoping there is more, because in many ways that "God shaped hole" that I filled 11 years ago when I "accepted Jesus" feels more empty and more vast than it ever has as a result of managing my sin. That's what I hope to deal with in future posts.