Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another post about Global Poverty

With the G8 meeting in Scotland in less than a week, I am praying earnestly that our leaders will do something to make my generation remembered not for the "War on Terror" but for making poverty history.

Two articles to help those still not committed to this fight.

The president of World Vision-USA writes about his buddy, Chafuli ("cha-FOO-lee"), in Mozambique.

Chancellor Brown makes a strong argument against the ridiculous agriculture subsidies in Europe, known as the CAP. The highlights...
  • The Queen is worth £270m, her CAP subsidy last year was £545,897 for Sandringham and Windsor
  • The Duke of Westminster, Britain's third richest man, is worth an estimated £5.6bn. He is ranked at 34 worldwide. He received subsidies through the Common Agricultural Policy of £448,472.
  • The Prince of Wales is worth £357m, the Duchy of Cornwall made £10m profits in 2003. He received £225,465 from the CAP.
  • The Duke of Bedford is worth £490m, he owns Woburn Abbey. His CAP subsidy last year? It was £365,801
  • The Duke of Northumberland made £22m from "The Madonna of the Pinks" and is worth £300m. He got £450,740
The same happens in America, but our big agribusinesses just don't have titles that catch everyone's attention.