Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Prayer and Praise Blogging

Oh what a day it has been! Today we are both praisin' and prayin' because so much is happening.

Praise you Father in heaven for your glorious blessings. Praise you for helping me to finish another school year. Praise you for your Spirit that enables me to love the children, even when I don't like them. Praise you Jesus for the outpouring of the Spirit here in London that is moving the MakePovertyHistory campaign and the Live8 concerts. Praise you Jesus for the effort already made, for the denail of self-interest in order to help others. Praise you Jesus for additional work and income through summer school.

Yet, Jesus I've got a few things I'm worried about. Can you please help? Summer school work isn't very much and doesn't cover everything I had hoped to purchase. Can you bring an additional 30-40 children to summer school so I can work everyday? Lord can you move the hearts of the G8 to make serious committments and see them through on both climate change and making poverty history? Lord bring peace to Iraq! Spirit of God, land on Washington D.C. as the discussion and battle for a new Supreme Court nominee will take place in the coming weeks and months. Holy Spirit please help Ella's Dad, a Christian prosecutor, who was fired for this opaque blog post about hating cowardice.


Like always, feel free to use the comments to add your own praise or prayer requests and we'll pray for them all week long.