Tuesday, June 28, 2005

iTunes 4.9 is out

Expat Teacher is still battling a stomach bug, but that won't stop him from noting that the big news out today is that Apple has updated iTunes today. The 4.9 update has included podcasting links. Podcasting are radio shows delivered over the Internet to your computer. Then you can sync them to your iPod and listen anytime, anywhere.

The iTunes software has subsumed all the links from godcast.org and other podcasting aggregators. This means you can download any or all of the 110 podcasts about Christianity available. I recommend "A Time for Harvest" as well as "The Whole Truth" because these are good 2-minute daily devotionals for your iPod.

The most interesting find on the list is "Whatcom New Life Assembly" in Ferndale, WA, USA. That is a church near where I went to university and that area of Washington isn't part of the high tech corridor around Seattle. It is a rather rural area of the state. This is a perfect example of the most exciting aspect of podcasting. A Whatcom New Life Assembly's sermon (or whatever they are podcasting) can now reach millions of iTunes users and not just hundreds or thousands of parishioners. Billy Graham was revolutionary because of his message and his quick adoption of new technologies. Will the next Billy Graham be a podcaster?