Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Watered down Christianity?

Right With God: Evangelical Conservatives Find a Spiritual Home on the Hill

What is this article? Well it's supposed to be about "evangelical conservatives" and the way that they have re-invented themselves to be more acceptable in politics.

While I understand the political motivation in wanting to have positions that no one will oppose, that doesn't resonate with Christianity, as I understand it. Most people think Christians are pretty nice - especially if their faith is so bland and fake that it doesn't really mean anything to them more than being a nice person.

But something in this article just disgust me. Sen. John Thune's statement "good principles can lead to good policy". I wonder what good Christian principles he learned at BIOLA that lead him to campaign to racists and bigots in South Dakota:

Thune campaign flyer upsets Lakota people

And John Ashcroft? Trying to avoid answering questions about his faith. He says it is against his religion to impose his religion. I say it's against the true life changing power and truth of the Bible and God to go around watering down Christianity so it's acceptable and mostly so it's non-offensive to the masses. Jesus didn't come to unite - he came to separate the true believers from the rest (see: Luke 12: 51-53). Either honor and respect that or say what you really are - 'just pretending to be Christian enough so you'll vote for me, not so much that you won't.'

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