Monday, February 28, 2005

Darfur STILL place of atrocities

According at an Oxfam report, the atrocities of Darfur are still happening. "The harassment, the beatings, the robbery, the rape, the murder continues on a daily basis and unfortunately it continues well below the radar screen of the international media and of the international diplomatic machine."

Why is that? Are the bloggers not taking hold of their new found power to put pressure on the MSM to highlight this and politicians to do something?

The African Union mission of 3,000 solderis is only half staffed due to logistical problems like transport and pay. The rich Western nations should be able to help on this. Writing checks and sending helicopters to stop genocide is well within the new Bush doctrine and the EU's concerns for human rights. The AU force should be expanded. Darfur is a huge geographic area and 3,000 men is hardly enough.

I know that China (no defender of human rights themselves) buy a majority of Sudan's oil and therefore defang anything put before the UN Security Council, but can't America and Europe, who send millions in aid to Africa every year, put some pressure on the AU to stop the atrocities?

What does it take to save innocent women and children? Why do we turn away when the need is the greatest?